The benefits of tree planting and game management on farms

Julian Fenwick manages a mixed hill farm along with a small pheasant shoot near Machynlleth, Powys, whilst his son Nick is the Head of Policy for the Farmers’ Union for Wales (FUW). Both discuss with Projects Manager Lee Oliver the benefits of tree planting and game management on farms, but highlight the actions that need to be taken to ensure these practices are successful.

“You can’t be green if you’re in the red” – John Yeomans

Near Newtown in Powys, John Yeomans and his family run a mixed livestock farm where they are trialling various techniques to improve their soil and livestock health. In conjunction with this, they have adapted the management of the numerous habitats on their farm to support local wildlife.

How productive arable farming and thriving wildlife can go hand-in-hand

Richard and Lyn Anthony run a contracting and arable farming business in Glamorgan. With Head of Education and Advisor for Wales Matt Goodall, they showcase the innovative farming practices they are using to improve their crop yields, in addition to their conservation work which is encouraging insects, birds and hares to thrive.

Regenerative farming on the riverside

With sheep, goats and chickens, Sam Kenyon farms on the banks of the River Elwy in Denbighshire. Sam discusses with Projects Manager Lee Oliver how, using a variety of techniques, she aims to farm the land with nature rather than against it.

Managing pastures with livestock and nature in mind

Castle Hill Farm near Aberystwyth is home to the Loxdale family (Peter, Megan, Patrick and Susan), who manage a mix of upland and lowland pastures for beef cattle and sheep. This film details their journey towards ensuring that they manage their land to improve soil health to the benefit of livestock and wildlife.

Conservation in action at Cefn Amwlch

Dafydd Wynne Finch, Farm Owner and Carwyn, Farm Manager tell their conservation journey in practice at Cefn Amwlch, a shared dairy farm with a rotational grazing system. Jersey cross cows are milked here, with a focus on milk solids – butter, fats and protein, for cheese making.

Why farmers are the future of the Welsh environment

Upland farming, wildlife conservation and carbon are covered within this discussion with sheep farmer, Gareth Wyn Jones.

From Field to Fork: An interview with Welsh chef Bryn Williams

Welsh chef Bryn Williams talks to GWCT Wales Project Manager Lee Oliver about his 25-acre farm, which helps supply his two restaurants with fresh ingredients.

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