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What is the GWCT Wales Farming Community?

Today governments are asking farmers to address the urgent dual crisis of failing biodiversity and global warming. The GWCT Wales Farming Community will provide a platform through which members can share ideas on best practice with each other and provide Welsh Government with ‘grassroots’ evidence on how farming can deliver improved carbon capture and greater biodiversity at the same time as ensuring food security for the nation.

What is the GWCT?

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust is a charity with a long history of research and publishing science relevant to land management. This forms the basis of our advisory service to farmers, shoots and riparian owners.

For the past 80 years, we have built trusted relationships with land managers in which we recognise their need to run resilient businesses and together we work on ways in which they can deliver greater biodiversity from the land they manage.

How can you help?

The GWCT has developed a ‘Farm Charter’, which sets out our objectives and how we believe we can achieve them. By joining this all-Wales initiative, you can play an important role in forging a bright future for farming and for threatened species such as curlew, hare, hedgehog and yellowhammer.